Sea Glass:
New & Selected Poems

Luci Shaw

Our Father in the
Year of the Wolf

Dave Harrity

Lily Harp
Stacy Barton


Helping the Morning:
New & Selected Poems

Jeanne Murray Walker

Old Flame*
Deborah Ager, Bill Beverly,
John Poch

Jessie van Eerden

Until Everything Is Continuous Again*
Jonathan Weinert, Kevin Prufer

Recluse Freedom*
John Leax

A Thousand Vessels*
Tania Runyan

The Assumption*
Bryan D. Dietrich

Whale Man*
Alan Michael Parker

The Alpine Tales
Paul J. Willis

Death-Defying Acts
Erin Keane

Rosing from the Dead*
Paul J. Willis

Great with Child*
Debra Rienstra

Living on the Flood Plain*
James A. Zoller

The Roswell Poems*
Rane Arroyo

The Gravity Soundtrack*
Erin Keane

What the Light Was Like*
Luci Shaw

Surviving Nashville*
Stacy Barton

Bright Shoots of Everlastingness*
Paul J. Willis

Tabloid News*
John Leax

Brave New Wanda*
Lynda Rutledge

Grace Is Where I Live*
John Leax

Yellow Doors*
Ruth Goring