Single Bound

Krypton Nights / Amazon Days

Bryan D. Dietrich

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Subject Category: Poetry
Length: 162 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: paper
Published: May 2018
ISBN: 978-1-60226-018-4


For those who love Superman and Wonder Woman—and who enjoy diving deep into the mythological history of superheroes, considering the ways that they both experience and reflect the best and worst our human condition—comes this double collection of poems, Single Bound. The first book in Bryan D. Dietrich's collection, Krypton Nights, won the prestigious Paris Review Prize in Poetry in 2001, and it receives a fresh treatment here. The second book, Amazon Days, makes its debut at a moment when women's identities and experiences are at the forefront of cultural conversation. These two superheroes, speaking within this combined collection of formal persona poems, have much to say to each other and to all of us.

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Selected Poems [PDF]

Table of Contents

Book I: Krypton Nights

I, Kent

Autobiography of a Cape
I. The Fourth Man in the Fire
II. The Trials of Job
III. The Theft of the Firstborn
IV. The Letter of the Law
V. The Face of the Deep
VI. The Destruction of the Temple VII. Behold the Man

The Jor-El Tapes
The End of Days
Krypton Nights
On Jephthah
The Else
The Mysteries of Azazel
The Curse of the Pharaohs

The Secret Diaries of Lois Lane
Man or Superman
Give to Her Your Cloak Also
Orgasm Over Mt. Araart
His Maculate Erection
That Mermaid Again?
The Wedding Party

Lex Luthor's Complaint
The Model
The Dark Knight of the Soul
Inscription for an Asylum
Some Jokes
Through a Glass, Darkly

Book II: Amazon Days

I, Wonder

Our Bodies, Ourselves
I. Prince
i. Utopia
ii. Essay on Man
iii. Common Sense
iv. Vindications of the Rights of Woman
v. The Rights of Man
vi. The Second Sex
vii. The Prince

II. The Princess
i. Phaedrus
ii. Everyman
iii. The Feminine Mystique
iv. From Ritual to Romance
v. Leviathan
vii. The Descent of Woman

Paradise Bound
Paradise Island
The Green Way
Sacred Sites
The Breath of Life
God's Clitoris
The Bermuda Depths
The Abyss

The Death of the Author
The Seduction of the Innocent
Discipline & Punish
The Dynamo and the Virgin
The Text

Superman's Other Secret
Superman, on Wonder Woman
Several Stories, Single Bound
A Modest Proposal
Last Words on Wonder

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