New Books Debut April 2019

Two new books will launch during April 2019: John Poch's Texases and Sally Ashton's The Behaviour of Clocks. If you're coming to Portland for the AWP Conference and Book Fair at the end of March, you'll get to see the books (and meet the authors) before anyone else! Otherwise, look for the books at Amazon and from Small Press Distribution. Or order direct from WordFarm by contacting us anytime.

Make Way for Texases

We're looking forward to publishing a new collection of poems by John Poch, founding editor of 32 Poems Magazine, award-winning poet, and professor of creative writing at Texas Tech University. It's going to be big—like Texas! Get a sneak peek now, including a video setting for Poch's poem "God in the Shape of Texas" and an excerpt from the opening section.

And The Behaviour of Clocks

We're also working enthusiastically on a new collection of prose poems by Sally Ashton, editor-in-chief of DMQ Review, assistant editor of the recently published anthology, They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, and professor of creative writing at San Jose State University. The Behaviour of Clocks uses Albert Einstein's thought experiments as a launchpad for a poetic inquiry into time. Read more, including a an excerpt from the opening section.