The Behaviour of Clocks

Sally Ashton

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Subject Category: Poems
Length: 89 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: paper
Published: Forthcoming April 1, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-60226-021-4


Albert Einstein's thought experiments frame Sally Ashton's new collection of prose poems. Here she offers a poetic inquiry into time—the simultaneity of the past, present, and future in how each informs any moment. Fellow poet Amy Gerstler writes, "Ashton's investigative meditations maintain constant awareness of territories shared by physics and poetry. These wonderfully reflective poems arise from something like a physicist's precision of mind and a shaman's sensitivity of vision."

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Selected Poems [PDF]

Table of Contents


A Theory of Relativity

A Ship Is a Piece of Floating Space
Airport Malpensa, Milan
When We Were in Italy
The Road to Chualar
Some Birth Day
Family Album, I
Via Sacra
Side Trip
Jet Lag

Telling Time

Sunday, Leivi
Clocks Without Faces
Finding Time I
My Planet Is Making Me Dizzy
In the Rain, Udine
No Map
Venezia on the Water, Rising
Einstein's Violin
After the Statues
Leonardo's Lost Robot
In the Anatomical Museum
Soil Gives Way; Rock Insists
What I Didn't See That Day
Lost In
To Give, To Get

Time Travels

Attention, Please
Waves, Cinque Terra
I Think of Eugene
"Hai?" . . . Do You Have?
Family Album, II
Perdu Sol
Finding Time II
Change of Seasons
Degrees of Separation
Finding Time III
"The Book of the Elements of Machines"

Einstein's Violin, 2

And Counting
Eclipse at Solstice
The Age of Information
I Have No Proof That Lisbon Exists
Faraway Home
Family Album, IV
We're Traveling
Follow the Tail Lights
How to Wind a Watch

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