Single Bound

Krypton Nights / Amazon Days

Bryan D. Dietrich

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Subject Category: Poetry
Length: 162 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: paper
Published: May 2018
ISBN: 978-1-60226-018-4


"Bryan Dietrich is my favorite mystic. I'd say theologian, but Dietrich's relationship to the divine is more medium than scholar. He invites it all in: the ancient and numinous, the postmodern and spandex clad. Then, like the ecstatic Theresa, the man-woman-man Tiresias, he speaks: earthy, oracular, earnest. Super. Wonder. Wow."

Marta Ferguson, author of Mustang Sally Pays Her Debt to Wilson Pickett

"Imagine the guy who owned the local comic book store was also a top-notch poet, and you begin to get at the level of intelligence and depth Dietrich brings to this collection. Imagine that guy also had the ear of Hopkins, Larkin, or Muldoon. These are smart, funny, well-informed poems, and after you'll never look at Superman and Wonder Woman the same."

Kevin Rabas, author of All That Jazz

"Bryan Dietrich has established himself as the inimitable leader of the exploration of heroic tropes via poetry. Not since Joseph Campbell has the hero been laid so bare, hurt so badly, and loved so deeply."

Jason Mott, author of The Returned

"Single Bound is a very soulful double collection about the glamour and terrors of being truly singular. Without equal. Utterly alone. What's so fresh and essential about Bryan Dietrich's take on the Superman and Wonder Woman characters, both of whom he so 'gets,' is that it skips the loud civic heroics and the messy private lives of these fantastically well-known subjects, passes over the stuff of comic books and movies, in favor of the artfully quiet and secret stuff. These poems are transporting, pulsing with mystery and wit, eros and empathy; and they're formally beautiful too."

Tom De Haven, author of It's Superman!

"Bryan Dietrich never fails to delight on each page of Single Bound. His discoveries and insights into the personas of superheroes are deeply felt and intellectually satisfying."

Jeannine Hall Gailey, author of Field Guide to the End of the World

"In Single Bound Bryan Dietrich shows us a poet in his height, presenting a coherent and ambitious vision, challenging our sense of verse and modern myth-making. Reimagining yet consistent within the established mythology of the iconic figures of Superman and Wonder Woman, Dietrich takes us on a journey grounded in both humanity and super-humanity, probing what it means to be alien in the world of men. From the 'Secret Diaries of Lois Lane' and '' to 'Several Stories, Single Bound' Dietrich's engaging wit and incisive observations will reshape your look at the potential of these seemingly immutable figures of pop culture. Global, cosmic, humane, and breathtaking, read this collection and wonder!"

Bryan Thao Worra, author of Demonstra

"The biggest struggles don't come in tights. This is the crux of Bryan Dietrich's Single Bound. Dietrich uses a masterful combination of forms and personas to offer a multifaceted and multidimensional examination of the two most important American superheroes. But, just like the best superhero stories aren't only about superheroes, this collection is not only about Superman and Wonder Woman. It is not only about Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Humanity sits at the core of Single Bound. In his depiction of these fictional saviors, Dietrich makes us question why humanity wants a savior and, most importantly, why humanity deserves to be saved."

Jason McCall, author of Dear Hero

"Bryan Dietrich is some kind of Hermes, transgressing, as he does, all those bounded boundaries in order to mercurially map the terra incognito of tectonic wonder. Think of these souped-up sequences as accumulations of armor-plated, hefty zeppelin thought balloons brooding overhead, equipped with ecstatic cloud-to-cloud lightning, which will never, ever dissipate. These mythic verses are brilliant billboards composed of refracting stars, cursively sky-written, chiseled into the solid blue yonder of severely clear and clairvoyant skies."

Michael Martone, author of Winesburg, Indiana