The Alpine Tales

Paul J. Willis

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Subject Category: Fiction
Length: 592 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: paper
Published: December 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60226-006-1


The best part of any good fantasy world is the promise that you could get there yourself.

In The Alpine Tales, that promise is kept. The Three Queens Wilderness is only the swing of an ice ax away from the mountains you may think you know. It is a world inhabited by three strange sisters at mortal odds—and by marmots and ouzels and pocket gophers ready to help you find your way. The dangers you'll face are ever present. For this alpine world was a place of perfection until, by the bane of the Lava Beast, it crumbled into something sadder. Join the quest to repair the ruins of glistening peaks and endless forests, and discover a land you will dearly love.

Here, for the first time, all four books of The Alpine Tales, newly revised, are collected in a single volume.

Book Excerpts

Preface [PDF]
1. A Serious Ax [PDF]

Table of Contents


Book I: Summer

No Clock in the Forest

1. A Serious Ax
2. Watermelon Snow
3. Inches to the Mile
4. A Gentle Wight
5. Her Sparkling Eyes
6. Want to See My Blister?
7. Tincture of Benzoin
8. Land of Shadows
9. Baths for the Guests
10. Devour This Day
11. One Lavender Shooting Star
12. Will You Help Us?
13. Utterly Dark
14. All the Gas
15. Down, Most Likely
16. The Sniveling Boy
17. Lentil Soup
18. The Sky Below
19. The Good Fight
20. Goodbye, Little Marmot

Book II: Autumn

The Stolen River

1. The Nunatak
2. Welcome to Our Laboratory
3. Pluck and Find
4. Snow on Snow
5. Caught Red-Handed
6. Fire and Ice
7. Dark as Obsidian
8. Old Growth
9. The Ouzel Aright
10. Subjected in Hope
11. How Green They Were
12. Against the Stars
13. Soft as Willows
14. Afternoon Prayers
15. Come Out, Dear Sister
16. The Dark Divide
17. The Hands of a Woman
18. Six Saddled Horses
19. Autumn Kiss
20. A Suckling Babe

Book III: Winter

The Silver Spire

1. The Rusted Key
2. A Home for Snow
3. The Better to Carry You
4. Doddering Uncles
5. The Winter Children
6. Works and Days
7. The Lava Field
8. Not So Bad
9. Millican
10. They're Waiting for Us
11. Let a Man Sleep
12. The Rose and the Lily
13. Media's Charm
14. The Sparkling Robe
15. Delicious Air
16. Ptarmigan Feathers
17. So Many Graces Gathered
18. As I Say, When I Say
19. Farewell, My Home
20. Into the Earth

Book IV: Spring

The White Fawn of Otium

1. The Cedar Crypt
2. Harm's Way
3. The Climbing Art
4. Some Bloody Assignment
5. Sublime Exactly or Picturesque?
6. Can You Stay?
7. The Pendulum
8. His Moonlit Dream
9. Moraine
10. In a Watery Way
11. A Different Kind of Courage
12. The Plunge Pool
13. Keeping Watch
14. Behind the Falls
15. Full to the Brim
16. Hoofprints
17. Animal Movements
18. Among the Living
19. Woman in Red
20. For Their Kind Sakes


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