Days Like Prose

Second Edition

Alan Michael Parker

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Subject Category: Poems
Length: 69 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: paper
Published: April 1, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-60226-019-1


"This is an arresting first book; it gives us a poetry deep in particular moments and eloquently alert to the world's curious and agitated detail. Alan Michael Parker's poems are full, as poems should be, of surprises which turn out to be simply true."

Richard Wilbur

"Notions of the casual, the consequent, the conditional—so many poems here start 'If...," "How...," "Because..."—preoccupy this mindful poet, who may be otherwise characterized by invoking three nouns which as proper names become totems of our contemporary poetics: bishop, justice, strand. But mere identification of overtones, even of undertones, will not suffice: Parker's autonomous qualities are: clarify, fervor, glee; these are the new notes sounded—no, rung!"

Richard Howard

"With Days Like Prose, Parker has written a poetry of living music and sonic complexities, whose textures modulate from the circumspect to the resplendent. Whether meditating on the Sears catalogue or narrating a widow's recent grief, these poems intimate rather than explicate; they bespeak the reticence in the folds of the world."

Alice Fulton

"In this marvelous debut collection we discover an eloquence so humble that at first we may not recognize its profound and sometimes dazzling elegance. These are poems in which the formal intelligence often touches true wisdom. Days Like Prose is a masterful accomplishment."

David St. John

"With a delicate lucidity, the poems in this first collection explore varieties of solitude. . . . The deft, formal quality of these poems coupled with Parker's eye for the telling detail make this a book of stirring, quiet beauty."

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