The Gravity Soundtrack

Erin Keane

book cover

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Subject Category: Poetry
Length: 88 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Binding: paper
Published: October 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60226-000-9


"With a confident and alert use of language, this poet sets out to discover both the ground of what matters and the music to accompany the discovery. In poems that by turns whisper secrets, belt out hard truths, and deliver lines like a shrewd stand-up comic, Erin Keane has put together a book that is as entertaining as it is compelling. What a fine mix of irreverence, insight, craft, and intelligence. The Gravity Soundtrack rocks."

Greg Pape, author of American Flamingo and Poet Laureate of Montana

"I've been a groupie of Erin Keane's poems for years and thought a full-length collection of her hip verses long overdue. The Gravity Soundtrack was worth the wait. Poem after poem here will make you smile, pause, think a little, feel like flirting. The pages brim with music and bourbon, myths and ghosts, a dreamy nostalgia for a past that never quite worked bolstered by a melancholic wish for a future that probably won't happen. Still, somehow, the rhythms swing and the pervasive feeling is buoyant celebration. These are poems that want to party! Keane has a sharp eye, a melodic ear, a sassy mouth, and a big ol' generous heart that keeps getting in the way. Nearly every one of her tunes sounds like a hit."

Gaylord Brewer

"Think of Joan Jett crashing the Miss America Pageant and reading her poems for the talent competition! And winning! It's deus ex machina on adrenalin. How refreshing to read a book that fills the modern world with mystery once again. Erin Keane's first book helps us 'find the coiled infinite inside' so that we end up fluent in the pure language of awe."

Rane Arroyo, author of The Portable Famine and winner of the John Ciardi Poetry Prize

"It's the back and forth between these jarringly different registers that makes The Gravity Soundtrack unsettling and entertaining, intense and lightweight, all at the same time."

Wendy Vardaman, in Women's Review of Books (read full review posted at Poetry Daily)